Veterans Speaker Program

Recognizing the significant accomplishments of New York State Veterans, the New York State Legislature passed legislation allowing teachers and administrators in public and private schools throughout New York State to invite Veterans into the classroom as speakers to supplement their classroom instruction concerning a particular era in American Military History. 

This program honors the remarkable legacy of service that these men and women provided, preserves their historically valuable first-hand accounts of military life, and informs the next generations about the contributions, challenges, and sacrifices of our Armed Forces.   

Veterans who are interested in speaking with NYS schoolchildren about their military experiences need to complete a short application. An interview with a New York State Department of Veterans' Services staff member will follow. Once approved, they will become part of the DVS speaker’s pool.  

DVS will not provide any information about a Veteran to any teacher or school district without the Veteran’s specific approval.

A teacher or school administrator requesting that a Veteran visit their classroom or school will need to provide DVS with the date, time, location, and target audience for the visit.

To request a speaker application or a speaker for your classroom, please contact the New York State Department of Veterans’ Services at [email protected] with the subject line ‘Veterans Speaker Program'