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Troops To Energy

There is no better way to honor you, our nation's veterans, than to provide support for your successful transition by creating a pathway into a rewarding energy sector career.

Troops to Energy Jobs provides veterans with a roadmap for entry into highly skilled utility and engineering occupations within the energy industry.

These jobs are both challenging and rewarding, and provide competitive compensation and professional growth opportunities. The Troops to Energy Jobs website is here to guide you on your path to a fulfilling energy career.

Follow this ROADMAP step by step—take the time to explore the tools and resources available to you, and get any needed education and training along the way—and soon you'll find yourself at your goal.

Please note: It's important to start the process early.
The registration and initial steps will apply whether you are in or out of the military. However, exploring these options early may give you a competitive advantage to an energy career even before you make the official transition out of military service.


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