New York State has initiated the "Experience Counts" campaign, taking steps to reform state licensing and higher education systems to recognize military experience more effectively as servicemembers transition to civilian life.

Military Veterans bring invaluable skills to the table, yet their training often goes unrecognized when they pursue civilian licenses, degrees, and certifications. Through this campaign, spearheaded by the Governor, state agencies are exploring ways to better acknowledge and utilize Veterans' expertise.

As part of these efforts, Veterans can now leverage their military experience towards obtaining special licenses or certifications. For example, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has extended the waiver period for the CDL skills test from 90 days to one year post-separation for Veterans with commercial motor vehicle experience.

Moreover, SUNY and CUNY are rolling out "Experience Counts" programs to streamline credit for military training, while the Department of Motor Vehicles is waiving the road test for military members seeking commercial driver's licenses. Additionally, the Department of Health is recognizing military medic experience for certification in home health and nursing aide roles.

As part of these reforms, Veterans can now apply their military experience toward obtaining various licenses and certifications. Some of the licenses covered under the campaign include:

1. Advanced Emergency Medical
2. Armed Security Guard
3. Bus Driver
4. Certified First Responder
5. Crane Operator
6. Emergency Medical
7. Home Health Aide
8. Home Nurse Aide
9. Licensed Radiological Technologist
10. Personal Care
11. Security Guard
12. Tractor Trailer Operator
13. Truck Driver

These changes aim to streamline the transition process for Veterans, recognizing their contributions and facilitating their integration into civilian professions.

More Information

For assistance, find a New York State Labor Veterans Representative near you or contact the New York State Department of Labor by email at: [email protected]