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Free VA Healthcare and Prescriptions

While many Veterans qualify for free healthcare services based on a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) compensable service-connected condition or other qualifying factor, most Veterans are asked to complete an annual financial assessment to determine if they qualify for free services.

Veterans whose income exceeds the established VA income thresholds as well as those who choose not to complete the financial assessment must agree to pay required copays to become eligible for VA healthcare services.

Some Veterans qualify for free healthcare and/or prescriptions based on special eligibility factors including but not limited to:

  • Former Prisoner of War status 
  • 50% or more compensable VA service-connected disabilities (0-40% compensable service- connected may take copay test to determine prescription copay status)
  • Veterans deemed catastrophically disabled by a VA provider
  • Military veterans who served in combat since Nov. 11, 1998, including veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, are now eligible for five years of free medical care for most conditions from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) 

For more information, including financial assessment and income verification, and benefits cost, visit the VA health benefits website at:

Additional Assistance:

If you would like to learn more about the benefits and services you may be eligible for as a Veteran, servicemember, or as a family member of a Veteran or servicemember, please call the New York State Division of Veterans’ Affairs Help Line at 1.888.838.7697 (VETSNYS), where you may also schedule an appointment with one of our Veterans Benefits Advisors.

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