About the US Department of Veterans' Affairs

About the US Department of Veterans' Affairs


The United States Department of Veterans Affairs is made up of 3 separate and distinct institutions: 

  • Veterans Benefits Administration
  • Veterans Health Administration
  • National Cemetery Administration

These three systems do not necessarily communicate with one another to coordinate services. If a Veteran or a Veteran’s caregiver is accessing care at a VA Medical Center, there should be no assumption that this information is being transmitted to the Veterans Benefits Administration. This is particularly important to remember if applying for service-connected disability compensation.

*** A service-connected disability is a disability that the Veterans Benefits Administration concluded was caused—or made worse—by the Veteran’s active-duty service. **

Veterans Benefits Administration

The Veterans Benefits Administration reviews claims and award benefits for service-connected disability compensation, non-service-connected pension, vocational rehabilitation, G.I. Bill, Death and Indemnity compensation and more. They oversee the financial benefits and programs associated with Veterans.

Veterans Health Administration

The Veterans Health Administration oversees the healthcare of Veterans and their caregivers. These are the medical centers, community-based outpatient clinics and local in-network VA approved health providers. You can find your closest facility here. They may perform compensation and pension examinations, provide medical care for Veterans both with and without service-connected disabilities, and more. They also administer programs such as CHAMPVA.

National Cemetery Administration

The National Cemetery Administration oversees the memorialization of Veterans. They run all the National Veterans Cemeteries in the country. They provide burials and transportation of remains of eligible Veterans and family members. They provide headstones and plaques as necessary. They also work through reimbursements and grants to establish State and County veterans cemeteries.

Contact Assistance

If you need assistance, or just want to learn more about the benefits and services you may be eligible for, schedule an appointment with one of our Veterans Benefits Advisors, all Veterans themselves.

  • Call 1-888-838-7697 to speak to an advisor.
  • Schedule a phone or video consultation online.
  • Use our search to find a Services Office near you.